Cakoni Agro – High standards and quality of agricultural machinery and equipment.

We were created in 1995 as a sales company of water pumps and some small appliances to help the farmer. Over the years the demands were increased and we grew up with them each and every time with lots of options to make the job easier for the farmer or gardener with the only objective, high quality products.
Nowadays we offer a complete line of water pumps, earth-moving drills, motocultivators for the client. Harvester, sawmill, spraying pump, livestock machinery and various sprays of the world’s best companies and products.

Our important line is covering the gardening and farming part or what is known as small farms farming. With all the tools with and without motor.


We provide original parts for all equipment and machinery we trade.


1-5 year warranty for products. Specialized services further.


Service and technical assistance in our service.


We have never compromise on quality, we just choose the best.


Extensive line of products and machinery giving the customer a variety of choice options


We do not only sell products but serve what we sell at any moment by turning it into the original state.